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Urban Communication Specialist


Assist individuals with urban dialect issues acquire skills needed to code-switch and speak Standard American English.


  • Learn the history of African American Dialect
  • Obtain tools to use for effective communication
  • Understand how to use phonics properly
  • Elevate speaking and writing skills
 Communication Skills 
Af Am Comm.jpg
  • Verbal, written, and technology communication

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Public speaking

  • Presentation skills

  • Communication courtesy

  • Transform urban communication into Standard American English

Career Development   
Business People - Mixed_edited.jpg
  • Completing applications

  • Resume writing

  • The interview process - on the phone        and in-person

  • Urban indicators in names and memberships

  • Attire and appearance 

  • Job Search

 Life Skills
Black Students.jpg
  • Goal setting

  • Coping skills 

  • Relationships- friends, family, and personal

  • Etiquette - personal, social, and professional

  • Blending urban lifestyles into other settings

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