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Access vs Success in Business

As an entrepreneur, your job is to solve a problem in such a way that brands you as an expert. In doing so, you must identify your ideal customer. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake in saying, “Everybody is my customer.” Everyone might have access to you, but might not necessarily be your customer; therefore, you must communicate your message clearly.

Think of it this way, access does not mean success. Just because someone has access to you does not mean you will be successful. For instance, I am a Communication Skills Trainer and for the most part, everybody communicates; however, everybody is not my customer. My customers are entrepreneurs and speakers who need assistance in becoming effective communicators so that they can “Present It and Quit It.” (My signature workshop).

Another example. Grocery stores are available to everyone; yet, there are different grocery stores for discerning consumers. Whole Foods and Walmart are very successful stores, but they are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their products, services, and prices. Whole foods cater to customers who want to purchase organic or specialty high-end type foods. Whereas, Walmart states they are the low-price leader. Each store is successful because they identified their target customer and they cater their messaging and products to that customer.

The next time you think about success in your business, don’t forget who you want to have access to you, because everybody is not your customer.

If you need help in Mastering Your Message or need a workshop presenter, you can reach Veronica Blakely through her website: www.VeronicaBlakely.Biz.

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