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Presentations For Profit. Turn Your Skill$ Into Dollar Bill$©

Most of us know how to do something. But do you know how to do something that someone else would like to do? Whether it is cooking, teaching, lawn maintenance, cosmetology, auto mechanic, or being a pilot; someone is willing to pay you for that skill set. That’s what I call transforming your “Know How into Show How” to turn your Skill$ into Dollar Bill$.

A presentation is simply a method of sharing information. Some of those methods are through books, podcasts, online courses, videos, webinars, blogs, workshops, coaching programs, and speaking. You can choose one of these methods or all of the above depending on your comfort level and ability. For instance, all authors are not speakers, and all speakers are not authors. While some people like being out front, others prefer being behind the scenes and might present their skills in one of the "nonvisible" formats noted above. Whatever your choice, you can do Presentations for Profit.

Look at the many how-to books or videos that started very innocently with simply sharing a better or different way to perform a task. You can Google or YouTube any “How to Topic” and put your skill at the end of that question to see how many results are produced. While looking at those results, think how you can share that skill in a different way to another age group, gender, race, or socio-economic class of individuals. That is how you find your niche and/or customer who will pay you to turn your “Know How into Show How.”

To obtain more information on Presentations For Profit. Turn Your Skill$ into Dollar Bill$©, click on this link to submit your request.


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