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Quick Tips For Video Conferencing

🔹️ Get dressed. You might like your PJs, but your boss will not. 🔹️ Personal hygiene matters. Wash your face, brush your teeth, and comb your hair. The "I just rolled out of bed look" is not flattering. 🔹️ Use a quiet spot in your home. Your barking dog, screaming kids, and running dishwasher are distracting. 🔹️ Check your surroundings. Certain pictures or books might share more about you than you intended. 🔹️ Look into the camera when speaking and listening to others. Your undivided attention shows you are fully engaged in the conversation. 🔹️ Speak clearly, distinctively, and loud enough so that others can hear you. Mumbling during the webcast will ensure others have tuned you out. 🔹️ Have a Point. Make a Point. Get to the Point. Plan ahead with an agenda or actionable steps.

🔹️ Do not eat during the webcast. Smacking and crunching are distracting and rude.


While there are more tips, these are just a few for those who are new to the live video community. For more information on the services I offer, contact me, Veronica Blakely, Ed. S at:

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