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Making Resolutions Is Not a Solution

We are well into the new year and already some resolutions have been broken. How do I know? Because I used to make resolutions too and I would break them just as fast as I had made them. I said used to because I no longer make resolutions, I set goals.

It took me a while like many others to realize resolutions do not offer solutions. Although you would think they would since “solution” is part of the word. The standard definition of resolution is "making a firm decision to do something." The definition sounds good, just like your statement that you were going to do something.

Therein lies the problem. All you have done was make a declarative statement without developing an action plan. Therefore, the resolution is a declaration without manifestation. In other words, you have made a statement about doing something with no clear plan of how to do it.

A better suggestion would be to write down your goals, then establish a plan on how you are going to accomplish them. If you have set a yearly goal, establish what you will do each quarter, month, week, and day. In essence, you are working backwards so that you can move forward.

Breaking the large (macro) goal into small (micro) goals allows you to focus on developing pint-sized tasks so that you can have a successful outcome. After each task is completed, have a small celebration which will motivate you to keep going. It can be as simple as giving yourself a high-five.

By the way, it is ok if a couple of weeks have already gone by. It is never too late to start where you are which is better than not starting at all.

Veronica Blakely is a Communication Skills Trainer and a Life Skills Coach. You can reach her at her website: www.VeronicaBlakely.Biz

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